The Benefits of Building a Side Return

If, every morning you survey the dark empty space on the side of your property and wonder what you can do with it, we may have the answer for you. A side return extension can offer several benefits and as they tend to offer a modest amount of additional volume to your property, do not always require full planning consent. New permitted development regulations make it easier to build a side return extension without going through endless amounts of red tape.  Lack of additional permission however is not the only benefit although it would undoubtedly make it easier to carry out your side return project.

By adding an extension to the side of the property and taking advantage of the often wasted space that runs down the side of your home, you will see how effective a side return can be at adding additional space and width to a room.  As kitchens in terraced properties are often placed at the rear of the building a side extension helps to extend what is often a long and narrow room, increasing the ground floor living space and using the usually wasted space in the garden.

Because of the rising cost of property within London people tend to look to more innovative ways to increase their living space. Victorian or Edwardian terrace type properties don’t always offer the space needed for a family and if you don’t want to, or can’t afford to move, a side extension would be the perfect solution. An extension of this type can add a considerable amount of market value to your home, an impressive 20-30%, which shows just how profitable a side return project can be.

One of the many design features to a side return extension could include a fully glazed roof, usually propped up by steel, timber or glass supports or perhaps skylights within the roof. With up to 40% more natural light entering from a roof light than from an equivalent sized window in a vertical wall, a side return extension would be effective in transforming a formally dark room.

Due to the nature of the extension they will almost always require a party wall notice to be served upon your neighbor due to the work that occurs. By providing a team of highly skilled tradesmen and ensuring that each step is closely monitored, you will start and end the design and build process in the hands of a Company Director and as such will not have to worry too much about any paperwork involved.

A side return extension can benefit your family home enormously whether in market value, extra ground floor space or by simply increasing the amount of natural light available within the room. If you feel your family home can benefit from a side return extension and have been considering starting a project of this nature, contact Build Team directly for a free, no obligation quote.

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