Ideas and inspirations for your new kitchen floor

There can be various reasons for extending your home into the side return; one of the main reasons being a growing family. This is because it is easier to remain in the same house and add space to it, rather than moving to a completely different and unfamiliar place.

13Kitchen extensions are popular with homeowners as they are functional and they add value to the home. .An extended kitchen means

Flooring is one of the most important aspects of kitchen extensions, here are a few ideas from which you can select the type of flooring that best fits in with the style of your home.


The most common type of flooring used in extended kitchens is wood flooring as it gives the home a classic feel. Both real and engineered wood is used for this purpose. If you are opting for real wood, make sure it is treated against termite infestation and water damage.. Also, bear in mind that where wood imparts warmth in your kitchen, it is also prone to expanding and contracting, depending upon the weather. The most common type of wood used for kitchen flooring is oak wood as it is available in a variety of shades.


There are several options to choose from when it comes to laminate flooring.. Laminate flooring is cost effective and hard wearing, meaning it doesn’t expand or contract and can resist water damage. If you are planning your kitchen on a budget then laminate flooring is something to consider.

Tile or Marble

Both tile and marble flooring are excellent in supporting under floor heating. These flooring options are not affected by water and are easy to clean and maintain.. Marble is the more expensive choice , but it is reliable and not prone to chipping.

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