5 Creative Ideas for Side Return Extensions

Most Victorian terrace houses in the UK were constructed with a side return. The side return is usually unused and waste space. This has led to an increase in the popularity of side return extensions. Side return extensions are known for making the kitchen/dining area more spacious with an open plan design. In some cases, planning permission is not even required for these types of extensions. We are often asked whether extending into the side return is worth the effort but they are amazed to see the extent to which this extension can enhance the appearance of their home.

If you are thinking about designing your new side return extension, we have a few ideas to help you:

1.     Think about the layout

By aligning your kitchen island to the central wall, you can tidily separate the room with dedicated areas for meal preparation, cooking and dining. Furthermore, a kitchen island provides a good space for you for to sit and dine in addition to the dining table

2.     Matching Flooring

To create unity between the inside and outside spaces, it can be a good idea to look for similar indoor and outdoor flooring. For example, if you opt for a dark grey tile for your kitchen extension, choosing a tile of a similar colour and texture for your outdoor or patio area can help to blend the boundaries between the two spaces. This helps make the two spaces feel larger and more welcoming.

3.     Address the Idle Spaces

Think about what it is you want out of your kitchen. If you plan to use your kitchen for entertaining, it can be a good idea to include two entrances into your side return extension; to help the flow of the traffic into and out of the space. Whereas, if you have a smaller space you will need to be clever with where you place storage and cupboards to ensure you make the most of the space available, and in this case you may want to opt for only one entrance.

4.     Make use of Natural Light

Generally, the side return area is dark and unused, so when extending into this space lighting is an important consideration. Velux roof lights and roof lanterns are great options for increasing the amount of natural light entering the space. They maximise the sunlight entering the space, which helps in making the kitchen feel light and bright all year round.

5.     Alleviate the Surrounding Atmosphere

Everyone wants a side return extension that’s light and purposeful. However, sometimes they forget to soften the surroundings, leaving the entire look and feel of the room cold. In order to ease those white surfaces, you can always use wooden pieces and accessories such as indoor plants and flowers.

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